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Marina, the computer science professional with over a decade of success in software development, felt like she needed a change. After being affected by the tech layoffs of 2023, Marina decided to hit the eject button on her tech career and dive headfirst into the glitz and glam of entertainment.

But Marina didn't just stumble upon this intersection of her life, she was ready for it! She's been penning stories since she was six years old. Marina graduated with a certificate in Film Production from LOS ANGELES CITY COLLEGE and has already directed an award-winning commercial for BELICHKA KETO BAR and worked on major productions, including with the director SHANE STANLEY on his feature BREAK EVEN. She's submitted her written work to the NICKELODEON WRITING PROGRAM, ABC WRITING FELLOWSHIP, and SUNDANCE EPISODIC LAB .

And her latest TV pilot, "Silicon Beach", is inspired by her own experiences in the tech industry - a juicy drama about the hustle, talent, and grind of the tech world. Marina's also working on her first novel, a tale about a group of women who reclaim themselves through the art of pole dance and fitness. And rumor has it, she's already penning a feature film based on that novel. Who said a tech career couldn't inspire some serious creativity?

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Some of My Specs

If you enjoyed "White Lotus", you will love this script about the public and private lives of the employees that work at a prominent electric car charging company, and the journey of the talented female software engineer as she rises up the ranks in the cut-throat tech startup world.

In 1920's Russia a communist poet falls in love with the wife of a weatlhy socialite

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This past Saturday was the first time I gave out my business card, as well as sent out an email as a “Director”. That felt amazing. Small, but significant steps towards “living the dream”, as they say. My first "big" project — a keto nut bar commercial that involved a Squirrel and a Hedgehog character, dressed accordingly, was a result of a multi-week collaboration with the clients, that culminated in a three-day shoot.
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Your team is crucial, and no matter the size and budget of the project, must include at least these key people. Director of Photography. Find yourself a DP that will elevate you! His or her ability to quickly navigate locations, instantly determine the shots to provide the best possible coverage of the script, craft a sexy composition and develop a lighting scheme *fast* is priceless and a time saver. When you are in a rush to shoot many pages a day these qualities matter. Compare to a DP who is able to craft the most beautiful lighting, but it takes an hour. And ends up being a huge stress on the production schedule.
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This is it. The dream moment you’ve been readying yourself for so long is now a dire reality. Except there’s no time to take it all in. Upon arrival on set you must introduce yourself and give everyone a hearty hug or a handshake. You are being pulled in all directions, but also must find a quiet moment for each of the cast and crew to tell them how important they are for the project. You must be confident and energetic, but also you slept only about four hours the night before. In other words, it’s a blur.

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Faced with inability to talk about racial injustice this LA native must rise to the occasion and break the chains of white fragility.

Life of Margot and Robbie takes a new twist after they adopt two mischievous ferrets.

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