She Broke My Heart

She Broke My Heart

A plastic water bottle spun in the sand. Its green cap pointed at Ashley. “Truth or dare,” said Nicky, a quirky filmmaker and best friend. The group sat around the bonfire on a summer night.


“Okay. Ummm…” He looked around seeking inspiration. “Got it.”


“Have you had an experience with a woman?” He leaned forward fully expecting to embarrass her. Ashley’s face did not flash tones of red as expected, but remained perfectly still. A weird mischievous sparkle slowly lit up in her eyes. “I once got my heart broken by an older chick in Italy,” she announced.

“What,” the group roared in excitement. “NO.FUCKING.WAY!” gasped Nicky. A wry smile curled her lips, “Yes fucking way”. “Are you gonna elaborate?” yelled a voice in the back, possibly Elton. “That was truth-or-dare, not elaborate-or-dare. That doesn’t even rhyme.” “Bitch, please,” groaned Samantha. “How was it??? Omg!!! Did she cheat on you? Did you, guys, end up having a threesome with a guy in your dorm room or something!?” yelled Nicky.

“Hold on, hold on, hold on. Somebody, pass me Snapple.’

“So,” she took a sip of whiskey from Snapple bottle (for it was Santa Monica beach, and drinking was strictly prohibited). “During my freshman year in college…” “I knew it!” screamed Emmanuel. “Omg,” Angie hushed him, “Shut up.”

“During my freshman year in college I went on a backpacking trip to Europe with my college friend, Gaby. We flew to Barcelona, then took a bus to Berlin, and ended up on a ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki. From there we took Ryanair to Rome. And that’s where my story takes place.

We planned to board a train from Termini train station to take us along the coast of Mediterranean Sea. Gaby and I were both starving…

“For each other?” chimed in Emmanuel, and got shushed yet again.

“Our bellies were groaning so we stopped by a hole in the wall pizzeria nearby. It had a few locals commuting to their small cities and villages along the coast. So, here we are waiting in the line of exactly two people, but the place is so tiny we had to stand outside around the corner. Gaby was getting impatient. I was getting very hangry, too. After what felt like an hour the hot Italiano ahead of me finally took off, holding a triangle of paper stained with grease. I was about to give the terrible asshole behind the counter a piece of my mind when I saw her…

I was completely floored. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Her hands. Her face. Then I started crying. Large heavy tears filled up my eyes.

“And your panties?” Angie slapped Emmanuel on the wrist. The group soaked in the details and longed for what was yet to come. Ashley continued.

“I looked over at Gaby. She was loudly wiping her nose. She was so obviously trying to cover it up that she started coughing like she was trying to cough up as a large amount of phlegm.

An old Italian lady stood behind the counter. Probably, the last one to run her family business. Brown pigment spots covered her arms and neck the color of papyrus. Her eyes were so bleak they were the color of flesh. She seemed like she did not belong to this world. In an excruciatingly slow manner she cut a slice of Margherita for me. She slid her spatula under the black crust and lifted it in the air. Full five minutes later she landed it on a piece of paper. It left grease spots all over it immediately. She pushed the whole thing over the counter towards me.

I chocked and thanked her. I tried to make it very clear how much her service was appreciated. She wouldn’t even lift her eyes once at me, but she seemed accomplished. Next person in line, my friend Gaby, was standing in front of her. Mechanically like a decommissioned robot she moved her eyes over to a stale looking slice of Marinara where Gaby pointed. Then she started her routine all over again. My heart was truly and utterly broken. Gaby’s too.”

Ocean waves quietly roared in the dark. Catalina island twinkled in the distance. “And?” muttered Nicky. “And, what?” Ashley’s eyes emanated childish glee. “That’s it. End of story.” The disappointment on their faces was tangible. “And what did you think? I love cock. You know this since forever, you goob.” She didn’t even bother trying to hide a happy smirk. “So there you have it. All uncensored truth, by the way,” she giggled. “Fuck off, dude!” yelled her best friend. “I knew something was up! You are never that forward with that type of thing anyways.” “Oh, shut up,” she replied amicably.

“And in case you were wondering, that pizza tasted like fart,” she thought to add.

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